The benefits of offsite manufacturing have long been understood by the building and construction industry. Traditional materials such as cast iron drainage would perhaps not immediately spring to mind for “modern methods” of construction, but Saint-Gobain PAM is proving that it’s time to change perceptions around their Ensign cast iron drainage solution, that can now save you up to 60% of time on site.

The pre-assembled Ensign soil stack solution meets the pressures of tight deadlines, overcomes the problem of skilled labour shortages, minimises the need for movements & storage on site and ensures consistent quality through a strict factory-controlled quality inspection routine with full testing prior to dispatch.

The PAM commercial team invite engagement with specifiers and contractors at very early stages of a project to evaluate the possibilities and benefits of using the pre-assembly solution. Through collaboration the team can identify any unique requirements to maximise the number of Pre-Assembled components and then provide a full take-off service with the PAM technical team.

Each stack is fully assembled at PAM’s Telford site and air tested to 0.5 bar pressure for 5 minutes exceeding the requirements of BS EN 12056 part 2. These can then be delivered on bespoke stillage’s with timed delivery’s, ready for quick installation.

To gain further insight to into this modern site solution please follow the link to watch an animation on how the system works and then please contact the sales office to discuss how we can save 60% of your time on site.

For more information, please contact our National Projects Team;

Phone 01268 24699