Baxi Heating’s newly introduced comprehensive range of commercial service kits have been carefully designed to save you both time and money; giving you the advantage.

Everyone knows that good maintenance combined with a regular service is essential for commercial heating products to continue to operate reliably and efficiently throughout their lifetime.

Baxi Heating’s comprehensive service kits have been carefully selected to contain everything you need to be able to complete a full service on their heating and hot water products on the very first visit. All of which saves you valuable time and costs while cutting down on return visits for your customers and minimising disruption and downtime.

Each handily packaged kit contains only officially tested and approved genuine parts. Using only genuine parts meets all the required safety and quality standards and ensures full compliance with an existing manufacturer warranty. Genuine parts are also guaranteed to fit better and more easily, boosting the time savings. There are big benefits for the end customer too, as using genuine parts will optimise the performance of the equipment and its lifespan.

Wolseley Pipe carries a wide range of service kits for use with products from the Commercial Brands of Baxi Heating, including Remeha, Andrews Water Heaters and Potterton Commercial. These can be easily ordered from your local Wolseley Pipe branch.