Wolseley Pipe has long been a trusted supplier to facilities management organisations, but there’s far more to the offering than simply quality products. With a dedicated National Sales Manager in place to support large commercial customers, we look at the many ways Wolseley Pipe’s FM service can add value to business.

With a vast portfolio of products covering everything from valves and refrigerants through to commercial pipe, sanitaryware and fittings, Wolseley Pipe is a supplier of choice to the facilities management industry. But while the sheer range and availability of products is important, there are other factors which make Wolseley Pipe such an invaluable partner – not least expertise, unrivalled e-commerce solutions and all the benefits that come our relationships with key manufacturers.

Combined, these have the potential to add significant value to any facilities management organisation. This has been recognised by many leading brands including Amey, Arcus, Interserve, Mitie CBRE and Emcor UK, as well as NHS Property Services.

Mark Nicholson, Wolseley Pipe’s National Sales Manager for Commercial FM contracts, is quite clear on what this value is. “We make life more simple for our customers. They can rely on us for mission critical products, and to help drive cost savings and efficiency into their business.” By entering into an FM contract with Wolseley Pipe, all of this value is unlocked.

One of the most fundamental benefits comes from Wolseley Pipe’s extensive branch network, bringing obvious advantages for large national businesses. In addition to being able rely on stock availability in any given geography, it eliminates the need to source from multiple suppliers. Pro-active stock-profiling can also further help reduce risk and improve availability, all of which translates to less downtime and greater efficiency both in reactive and pre-planned maintenance.

Availability of stock will always be a prime consideration. “Knowing what’s available, where and how much it costs matters,” explains Mark, “and Wolseley Pipe is unique in having a powerful set of online tools offering this visibility.” Prime among these is Parts Arena, which gives customers live updates on stock availability and pricing across Wolseley Pipe’s entire range, together with online ordering capability. Another is the Cylinder Manager which provides full F-gas reporting and helps users improve their management of refrigerant cylinders.

The biggest value gains, however, are generated through the innovation Wolseley Pipe offers from its close relationships with key manufacturers. For Mark, this is critical. “Our customers don’t always have the time to keep pace with new equipment and technology, but we do it for them. If there’s a way to drive improvement, we’ll recommend it as a matter of course.” Examples of this include Adey’s innovative Magnaclean and Side Stream products, both of which filter water to improve boiler efficiency. “We recently recommended these to a customer who was just about to start a major programme of boiler repair across a pretty large estate. The solution saved them making this investment, and also delivered on-going energy savings.” Other examples include a forthcoming FM event – lockdown permitting – where Wolseley Pipe will be working alongside Grundfos to showcase an innovative idea that monitors anything with a rotary motor to provide early warnings of failure and problems. The benefits for mission critical applications such as hospitals, residential care homes and data centres, are obvious.

Cost savings and return on investment such as this can be readily factored into FM service level agreements with Wolseley Pipe able to provide clear and measurable evidence of added value. Critically, these SLAs aren’t just with each customer, but also with manufacturers to ensure they’re able to provide the right levels of ongoing support throughout the project’s entirety. “These are all examples of where buy-in to the bigger FM picture can drive ongoing benefits which make a big difference to our customers, and to their customers also.”

Last but not least, the advantages of having everything under one roof, and of being able to order and resolve enquiries quickly through one single point of contact cannot be underestimated in terms of effort, administration and cost. It gives in-house teams greater control and visibility, allowing them to focus more time on vital tasks including credit control.

Mark is convinced that for larger FM companies in particular, there is massive potential to realise significant added value. “Wolseley Pipe has class-leading products, experienced people, a national presence and unrivalled e-commerce capability. We’re already achieving savings for our key FM accounts, and we’re currently also looking at ways to make improvements to what we do strengthen our service.”