In the past year since its launch, Ideal Heating’s Evomax 2 range has proved to be more than a worthy successor to the original Evomax range and to back up its credentials its recently gone on to be awarded Commercial/Industrial Heating Product of the Year at the 2020 HVR Awards.

The judges praised the new Evomax 2 for everything from its impressive engineering to its high efficiency and very low emissions as well as its ease of maintenance.

An incredibly versatile and adaptable boiler; the Evomax 2 range features a wide variety of outputs (30 – 150kW Natural Gas, 30 – 120kW LPG), making it an ideal choice for large domestic, light commercial and commercial installations. The Evomax 2 is also very flexible in its installation; up to 6 boilers can be cascaded using Ideal’s Frame and Header kits, making the Evomax 2 a solution for projects requiring outputs up to 900kW! Bespoke insulation kits made from robust expanded polypropylene are also available. These kits come in modular sections which are combined to encase a range of headers, including Low Loss and the new Ideals new Magnetic Low Loss Headers – all to ensure optimal performance and efficiency.

On older systems, protection for a new shiny condensing commercial boiler installation is always a key consideration. With that in mind, Ideal also have a range of Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers as an alternative to a low loss header and are specifically designed for Evomax 2 cascades, giving you and your customers total boiler protection and peace of mind.

Available next day* from your local Wolseley Pipe branch the award winning Ideal Evomax 2 should be high on your list for your next commercial boiler install.

*Selected models only, Subject to availability