Who are they?

Working closely with engineers from the industry’s leading manufacturers, it’s their job to combine the best engineering know-how to add value through enhanced selections— and of course to ensure you are delivering the best quality project, often with project cost savings that can be passed on to your own customers.

A deep understanding of the design requirements and meticulous details of the existing solution allows the Technical Services Team to make tailored selections and better technical solutions. This can result in potential cost savings, improved life cycle, the implementation of market leading technology, and better product support and availability. This is all supported by the close relationships the team has with our key supply chain partners.

Together with your own staff, Wolseley Pipe’s experts will help your business to develop value-added packages, identify product gaps within our offering as well as introduce you to the latest innovations. Essentially, the team works alongside the supply chain to create alternative solutions and possible savings for every project.

The team will then work with procurement teams via the channel on final pricing to achieve budget targets.

Technical Solutions through selection and engineering

Working with our account management teams to provide a completely unique service, our technical team analyses every selection at ‘request for quotation’ stage. Very often, they will work in conjunction with our project support offices, sales teams and suppliers to offer you, our customer, a complete technical solution package. The team offers alternatives alongside the original specification allowing you to make informed and robust decisions based on technical experience and know-how. This offers potential savings and a more manageable on-site solution, not just on price but also on delivery, life cycle savings and after sales support.

A library of knowledge

Our highly approachable technical team is always looking to help contractors to deliver the best possible solutions and offer value engineered selections within the design scope.

To support our customers further, the team is also in the process of developing a new, unique, and comprehensive technical data library. This will be accessible via an online customer portal and will offer everything from data sheets, certificates and O&M manuals giving you 24-hour technical information at your fingertips.

In addition to helping our customers, the team is also pivotal in upskilling the wider Wolseley Pipe business, to ensure our branch and customer support teams, and other backroom colleagues are equipped with the knowledge they need to provide the best solutions for your ongoing requirements.

Find out how the Technical Support Team can support you with market leading technical solutions and the latest technical innovations. Email them today at Technical.Support@wolseleyuk.com