Installers around the world build on Uponor. After more than 25 years of experience and over 500 million fittings installed, Uponor have now set a new standard for Multilayer press fittings. Introducing Uponor S-Press PLUS: the tougher, safer, smarter and easier to install fitting range.

S-Press PLUS is manufactured with premium materials to cope with the most demanding environments. Resistant to any kind of drinking water S-Press PLUS metal fittings feature an innovative brass alloy body that gives protection against dezincification and stress corrosion cracking.

When everyone in your team is under pressure to perform quickly and reliably, without ever compromising safety, the patented Uponor S-Press PLUS system ensures you can make safe connections in seconds. S-Press PLUS has been rigorously tested to demanding standards by approvals facilities all over the world including WRAS and Kiwa.

The unique press indicator ensures a fast, safe connection and it enables any observer to identify that the connection is pressed correctly. The specially designed indicator foil, mounted around the pressing sleeve, will drop away from the connection once the press has been made. You are then able to see from a distance that the connection has been pressed

S-Press PLUS is 100% compatible with all Uponor Multilayer items, including all Uponor tooling.