With high-rise living becoming increasingly popular, the demand on plumbing and heating contractors to complete installations quicker, while working in smaller footprints, is also rising. Installers therefore need smarter solutions for monitoring and delivering water to individual dwellings in multi-occupancy buildings and offices.

Reliance Valves unique Tenant Valve Plus combines several functions in one compact unit, eliminating the need for bulky and time consuming chains of valves. The single cartridge includes a ball isolating valve, which is also approved as a stop valve, as well as a pressure reducing valve, double check valve, dual reading pressure gauge/test point and optional connection point for water meters.

Fast and simple to install, the preassembled Tenant Valve Plus also makes maintenance work simpler with its easily accessible front panel.

Craig Lees, Divisional Director National Accounts at RWC said: “Our all-in-one Tenant Valve Plus is a gamechanger as it can be installed easily, quickly and with minimal footprint. As it contains everything that’s needed, you don’t need to worry about valve incompatibility issues, sourcing from multiple vendors, and the risk of vendors discontinuing individual components which can create problems further down the line.”

It’s this kind of thinking that will help the plumbing industry meet the ever-increasing demand for effectiveness and efficiency in multi-occupancy buildings.”

Suitable for use up to 16.0 bar pressure and temperatures up to 80°C, the Tenant Valve Plus also comes with a moulded insulation case and ¾ and 1” FBSP connections.

The Tenant Valve Plus is now available at Wolseley. To find out more click here or contact your local branch