Often overlooked, but an essential part of any pipe system; pipe clips come in a vast array of shapes and sizes, but one thing is for certain; a high quality, robust clip is essential in any commercial application.

Launched at the start of 2020, our Jet Twin Screw Lined and Unlined Pipe Clips have already become a firm favourite with installers across the country and it’s not surprising as to why.

Designed and engineered specifically to ensure absolute quality and strength, the new Jet Twin Screw Pipe Clips have completed both extensive digital simulations and physical destructive testing to ensure they provide the best in terms of both reliability and function. Using innovative welding techniques, the Jet pipe clip range offers exceptional deadweight loads – in fact their tested breaking load is TWICE that of the recommend load, which in many cases is already higher than other clips out in the market! What’s more, they are also tested to ensure they have a high resistance to shear – something that is commonly seen through the forces exerted due to the thermal expansion of pipework.

Other features include the M8/M10 dual boss, combination head screws with a locator tip and a retaining washer – making it much easier to locate and fasten the screws, particularly when working at height or on ceiling suspended pipework runs. The rubber lined version also utilizes a phthalate-free EPDM rubber, ensuring compatibility with plastic, copper and stainless-steel pipes whilst also allowing for acoustic suppression, helping to reduce noise transference through pipework.

Available same day*, nationwide from any Wolseley Pipe branch, please speak to a colleague or go online at Wolseley.co.uk to find out more.

*Selected sizes only, additional sizes available Next Day subject to availability.